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Safety Software for Safety Tracking

Manage incidents, drive compliance, risk and improve performance with Preverly.

Safety Software for Safety Tracking

Improve your workplace safety with an impactful safety management system software

Preverly safety management software is a powerful solution to:

  • Create effective safety plans
  • Standardize safety procedures
  • Integrate EHS software applications
  • Improve workplace ergonomics

Next-level Safety Management Software Capabilities.

With Preverly safety software, get a hands-on advantage of using the latest safety management tools to accurately track, record, and analyze safety hazards at work.

  • Manage incidents remotely in real-time
  • Track compliance with safety regulations
  • Create customized checklists of safety actions
  • Generate safety data sheets for site audits
  • Assess risks with in-depth hazards analysis

A Flexible Safety Software Tailor-made for Your EHS Management System

Preverly safety software makes safety tracking and incident management easy. It is a scalable safety management software, helping your organization grow into a safe workplace. Preverly has multiple safety software features that make it a complete solution for your safety management system.

IncidentTracking-Green IncidentTracking-Blue Safety Tracking Software

Track and monitor safety incidents in real-time to perform corrective actions instantly. Use KPI-based safety tracking for evaluating the success of safety programs at every step. Identifying non-compliances with Preverly safety software makes your safety management system more reliable.

SafetyObservation-Green SafetyObservation-Blue Safety Observations Management Software

Check safe and unsafe instances or actions at work areas. Upload photos and videos to document potential safety hazards with our EHS management software. With Preverly safety inspection software, identifying on-site hazards and performing their risk assessment becomes more fruitful for preventing work-related injuries and hazards.

SafetyAudit-Green SafetyAudit-Blue Safety Audit Software

Save time during workplace audits and site inspections. Update incident-related data with safety software and report findings to safety inspectors digitally. Create safety data sheets and customize checklists to meet all safety standards. Preverly safety software makes workplace safety audits effortless.

SafetyChecklist-Green Safety Checklists

Implement safety management systems more effectively with customized safety checklists. Complete counteractive actions and safety inspections without any slipups. Use the safety reporting software for adhering to safety recommendations. For unified record-keeping purposes and quick access, Preverly safety software stores all data in a centralized location.

SafetyTraining-Green SafetyTraining-Blue Safety Training

Make safety training materials more accessible with the online EHS software. Share safety knowledge via manuals, videos, and illustrations. Encourage employees to follow best practices in safety management. Make workplace safety more resourceful by educating management staff and workers through safety software.

WorkplaceSafety-Blue Workplace Safety App

Mobilize your safety management system and enable Android and iOS devices with incident reporting and incident tracking features. Send alerts and notifications of health and safety updates. Provide instant, real-time communication with safety software for construction workers and employees in heavy industries. Preverly also offers offline features with its mobile EHS solutions.

Increase in RoI on workplace safety software
Reduction in Safety Incidents at Your Workplace
Uptime with 24/7 technical support and offline features
Time saved throughout your safety management system

Make Your Safety Management System Strong and Reliable

Preverly safety software helps you do more than any other EHS software. It is one of the best safety software recommended by EHS professionals around the world.

2x Improvements

per month in your workplace safety culture

30% Growth

in productivity with long-term safety for your employees


Make Work Safer with Preverly Safety Software

Are you concerned about the safety of your employees? Preverly safety management software solution empowers safety culture at your workplace. Experience a unique safety software custom-made for your safety management system.