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10 Things to Look for When Choosing a Safety Management Software

An incident is defined as an unplanned disruption to the workflow, and the tool to handle these incidents is called the incident management software. An incident management software refers to the tool that analyze, identify, and report the on-site accidents. Usually, an organization uses an incident management system or an incident management software that works in combination with a service desk. In current business scenario, organizations are using traditional method of reporting the on-site incidents and if a service is interrupted or breaks midway, the service desk normally serves as the first point of communication. But with incident management software, the employees or workforce working on-site can report the incident online, where it will be received by higher authorities and appropriate action will be taken in moments.

Why do you Need an Incident Management Software for your Company?

The long-term success of a business is highly dependent on the incident management software adopted by the company. It is important to note that the time and cost associated with major and minor incidents can be lowered by implementing an effective incident management system or incident management software. This will ultimately enhance the organization’s brand reputation and also increase profitability. Perhaps most importantly, an effective incident management system helps a company to eliminate the on-site incidents and reduce the medical and health expenses and ultimately boost the productivity.

An incident management system is of prime importance for many businesses, yet they are not aware of the ways to choose the right incident management system. Before relying blindly on the claims that incident management software offers the most modern and greatest technologies to manage workplace injuries, an organizations should understand the company’s needs and then choose the best incident management system for their organization

Companies should perform extensive research work before buying and implementing an incident management system or incident management software. If you are not aware of the features that software can offer, you may end up choosing the wrong product for your business. Choosing the accurate incident management software is a challenging task in this highly competitive field where a number of incident management software are available.

What are the Features to Look for in an Incident Management Software?

Let’s have a look at the properties of incident management software and find out the ways to choose the best incident management software in the industry that can fulfill your specific requirements. Many companies still use pen and paper to record and track incidents or issues which is a cumbersome and slow process. So it is in the best interest of any organization to upgrade itself and implement automated incident management software within their organization.

Here are the 10 tips for choosing the right incident management Software

1. Ease of Use:

A complicated incident management software is difficult to handle for the majority of the staff and will require long training hours and extensive resources. This may act as a burden to the employees. But if a company implements a user-friendly incident management system, the whole workforce can enjoy the benefits of this system from the beginning. This will save time and resources for the company and employees which will benefit the company’s overall performance.

2. Mobility:

24/7 access to incident management software is very important. Chose an incident management software that offers the best mobility features and, or your team can receive critical alerts on their smartphones, even in the absence of internet connectivity in the vicinity.

3. Flexibility:

If an incident management system provider fails to provide customized incident management software to cater to your specific needs, no need to entertain that incident management system provider. You should choose an incident management system company that understands your business and is keen to provide an incident management software suitable for your company, only then you will be in a position to maximize the outcome of your investment.

4. Security:

A data breach that discloses sensitive consumer or company data is not at all acceptable. Choose an incident management software that offers the right combination of data sharing and data security, can minimize the risk of its sensitive information going into the wrong hands.

5. Scalability:

The chosen incident management system should be scalable according to the growth of the company. Hence, you must choose an incident management software that will provide effective scalability and would support your company’s rapidly growing needs.

6. Reliability:

The incident management software deployed should be reliable. If it utilizes cloud tools, then this will minimize the risk of an outage on your organization taking down your response tools.

7. Adaptability:

Things like integrations, add-ons, workflows, customization, and APIs all open up the potentials behind the product. You need your incident management software to be flexible enough to support changing needs, as your practices and processes mature.

8. Availability:

Always select an incident management system provider that prioritizes communication. Your software should be available 24/7 to provide instant support if an incident occurs, otherwise, your business, its clientele, and its staff could suffer a huge loss.

9. Accessibility:

In a high-pressure environment like industrial sites, the people must have access to the right tools so that they can report an incident and immediately. So you should ensure that the incident management software is accessible to the incident responders as well as company stakeholders who need visibility into emergency situations.

10. Diversity:

Few other criteria to consider incident management systems and incident management software include: Agile Delivery Processes, Automated On-Call Alerting, Mobile Incident Management, Real-Time Collaboration, and Rich Notifications.

Why Preverly?

Preverly is the Next-Gen All-Inclusive Integrated Safety Management Software which is highly efficient & intuitive. The most remarkable feature of Preverly incident management software is its flexibility and it can be configured according to your organization’s needs and requirements. In a nutshell, Preverly is a one-stop solution for all your workplace incident management . Do connect to us to know more about our product pricing or if you need a demo or anything else, we promise to deliver the best of services. Please reach out to us at

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