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Safety Management Software to Track, Manage, Analyze & Ultimately Prevent Incidents – introducing “Preverly”

Preverly can be customized to your organization’s needs and requirements,

while at the same time offers rich features and superior cost efficiencies

Features of our Safety Management System, Preverly

24-7-G asset-1 24/7 Support
mobile-Web-1 Web and Mobile platforms
User-per-cost-G User-per-cost-1 Sensible per user cost
Offline-1 Offline Features
User-Friendly-2 User-Friendly-1 User friendly experience
flexibility-g flexibility-1 Industry Flexibility
Saas-2 Saas-1 SaaS Platform
Tracking-2 Tracking-1 Track facility and driver observations

Do you Need a Safety Management Software like Preverly?

Organizations recognize the importance of managing workplace exposures and their related hazards in order to provide an effective, efficient, safe and healthful work environment for employees and the public. A safety management software also assists organizations in cutting direct costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses as well as reducing their substantial indirect costs.


A key component of managing workplace safety is deployment of a safety management software that can be used to record, manage, analyze, track and ultimately prevent workplace incidents.

An effective safety management software can alert management to the what, where, when and how of incidents in real time leading directly to the “why” of the incident and, ultimately,prevention of incidents.

Relatedly, a safety management system such as Preverly assists in standardizing an organization’s safety management process in order to increase operational efficiency and determine loss trends.

A safety management system also manages the ever-expanding compliance requirements of the company while providing flexibility and versatility as requirements change and the organization grows.


Safety Management Software: You Wouldn’t Want One, but Need One! Excel Sheets won’t Suffice!!

Safety professionals have been using excels sheets or forms to record their day-to-day safety data. In some cases, where the safety issues that require attention are low, these methods may seem adequate, but are not effective and efficient.


A safety management software comes into picture in scenarios where the volume of safety occurrences increase, a lot of moving machinery is involved, multiple locations are present and multiple departments are needed for the safety incidents to be deemed complete.

If there is no common set of processes in such scenarios i.e. no standardization, it leads to a lot of confusion and chaos, and a major inability to

  • Ensure safety compliance at all locations
  • Assess what’s working and what isn’t in safety protocols
  • Share information, collaborate effectively
  • Implement a system of ongoing safety process improvement

This is exactly where Preverly
the Next-Gen All-Inclusive Integrated Safety Management Software comes into picture.

Introducing Preverly, Efficient & Intuitive Safety Management Software


Preverly is a safety management software that is used to record, manage, analyze, track and ultimately prevent incidents. It is offered as a Software as a Service which alleviates the need for procuring hardware and software – an invaluable feature for small and mid-sized organizations with sometimes limited human and technical resources. Preverly brings rich features to small and mid-sized organizations at a reasonable cost.


An additional feature is that clients own their data and the software can be installed at their site. Using a modern-day relational database, Preverly allows clients to manage and analyze incidents within the application. Alternatively, clients can opt to export their data or use API’s to analyze data using their preferred data analysis tools.

Features of Preverly

Configure Preverly incident management software according to your organization’s requirements and as per your industry's standards. Add organization-specific information to include: number of employees; number of vehicles; number of locations.

  • Customize the provided lists in Preverly for categorizing: incident types; incident root causes; nature of injuries and illnesses; causal agents and factors; corrective measures.
  • Customize embedded lists to suit your organization’s requirements.
  • Enter information about local work-related injury and illness treatment facilities and emergency rooms.
  • Identify key employees and groups for notification of incidents and corrective actions via the safety management software.

Preverly safety management software mobile app can be used to document and submit any safety incident report in real time from drivers and field workers.

  • With the help of the safety management software mobile app, drivers and field workers can capture and immediately record leading incident indicators, such as near misses (now called near-hits) and hazard observations in the field.
  • They can easily select the incident type or category, its department and the people involved in the safety management software.
  • A very useful feature of the mobile app is that the driver or the field worker can investigate incidents on-the-go. This will save time as they can take signed witness statements of the people involved in the incident in real-time.
  • Field workers and drivers can take pictures or video of the incident scene with their mobile devices and attach the incident report directly in the Preverly app.

Preverly safety management software provides a smart and intuitive guide for employees to immediately report any type of injury, illness, property damage, hazard observation, or near-miss (now called near-hits) incidents. They just have to login to the safety management software and –

  • Select the type of incident
  • Describe the incident
  • Add witness statements as necessary
  • Record the location of the incident
  • Automatically notify managers who will review and approve incident reports

Organizations can easily centralize, analyze, manage and track status of incidents with our safety management software.

  • Preverly makes record keeping of official statements from people involved in the incidents simple.
  • Preverly can keep a record of damage to your equipment or other assets.
  • Employees can upload incident scene photos, videos, and other documents.
  • Root causes of incidents can be identified and documented.
  • Corrective and preventive actions can be identified, assigned and tracked.
  • Hazards can be eliminated by recording safety observations by employees.
  • Near-miss incidents, now called near-hits, can also be recorded, managed and analyzed.

Preverly safety management software makes incident management reporting easy and automatic by producing printable, standard compliant incident forms in real time.

  • Generate printable compliant record keeping safety management forms.
  • Easily email electronic versions of compliant incident forms to selected people or groups.
  • Print required compliance forms directly from the health and safety management software.
  • Create any type of custom incident forms for your organization and upload it on Preverly for future easy access.

Preverly allows employees /field workers to enter and allows management to review incident data, so that they can measure performance and record their incident management success. More than 20 different types of detailed reports can be pulled to help you track key metrics, such as:

  • Incident Recorded Rate
  • Days Away from Work Rate
  • Job Transfer/Restriction Rate
  • DART Rate
  • Recurring Incident Rate
  • Incident Category/Type
  • Potential Hazards Observed

Preverly can be used effectively in the following industries

Construction-2 Construction-1
Manufacuring-2 Manufacuring-1
Logistics & Warehouse
Fleet-Managment_G-1 Fleet-Managment_b-1
Fleet Management
Heavy-Metal-2 Heavy-Metal-1
Heavy Metal
Oil-and-Gas-2 Oil-and-Gas-1
Oil and Gas
Retail-G Retail-B
Healthcare-1 Healthcare-1-1
Mining Mining-1
Government Government-1
Automobile Automobile-1

Testimonials of our Safety Management Software

“Preverly has helped us with better training and education of our employees when it comes to learning from incidents already happened. These proactive measures has helped us reduce the number of our incidents by 70% over a span of 3 months.”


Evelyn Rivera Safety Officer

“The incident management system Preverly has been the most amazing piece of software used by us, and after working with a lot of vendors we also noticed that their support team were the most accommodating, patient and took the time to actually explain how everything works inside Preverly.”


Dorothy Miller Safety Engineer

“Our field employees are spending more time on field and that translates into more billable hours and increased productivity as compared to when they were out of the field completing reports”


Franco Jones Officer in Charge, Building Constructions

Case Study for Preverly

Our Safety Management Software helped our client
reduce their incident resolution time from 3 weeks to 1 week
  • Preverly reduced the time spent on incident resolution from 3.5 weeks to 1 week.
  • Ongoing reporting time was brought down from 1.5 hour to 15 minutes.
  • Quarterly trend reporting time reduced from 7 hours to 45 minutes.
  • Report submissions made on field by drivers and on-field workers increased sixfold
  • Potential incidents reported to the insurance carrier within 24 hours of occurrence led to a 62% reduction in medical expenses and indemnity (lost-time) costs.
  • Client achieved better compliance with OSHA record keeping alleviating significantly the possibility of a record keeping violation.

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